Unit Spaceline EMCIA SMT

Unit Spaceline EMCIA SMT
  • Producent: Morita
  • Dostępność: Na Zamówienie
A comfortable treatment space created naturally and freely with care and kindness
Based on the eternal Spaceline concept, the EMCIA of J. Morita creates a comfortable and pleasant treatment space.
  • The Eternal Spaceline Concept - A balanced posture and natural, consistent movements for the highest level of treatment skills.
  • Soft Semi-bucket Seat - Cushioned to perfectly fit the human body and hold it with maximum comfort so that the patient is not tired out by a long treatment session.
  • Latest Technological Innovations - Conveniently located flat switch panels. Operating light with ideal color and brightness as close as possible to natural sunlight. Soft start and stop chair movement.
  • Infection Control - Autoclavable instruments are quickly and easily detached. AT/AR Clean System. Plus numerous other features.
  • Maintenance - Easy maintenance features including a system for flushing out the water lines.